Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Here is just a brief update on my life, or just my weekend fun!!
Kyson had his soccer game today! They played Delta & won 8-0 He had a great game until the very end when he had a break away & was taken out by 2 guys from the other team & took a hard kick from both guys to the ankle... Luckily he is young & can heal pretty fast!! I love going to his games, i just can't wait til they are warmer!! After that my friend Brady & his girlfriend Britlyn got into town to spend the weekend in St. George. We visited for a little while then headed to bed!
Adam drove down today to spend the entire week here for his spring break, which i am so grateful he'd be willing to spend his break with me! During the day we went out to the sand dunes & rode four wheelers, then had a dinner. I got my hair done & absolutely love it (thanks camie!) Later that night the twins, Allie & I sang at the Adult session of stake conference then Adam & I went hot tubing with Ryan, Jennifer & their 4 adorable girls!! :)
Today was pretty chill, woke up at 6:30, went & got Adam out of bed & then went back to my house for a very early breakfast! It was DELICIOUS!! Then Adam & I went to this parents for the rest of the morning & visited with the family & some friends. Towards the evening, I got so sick last night & my wonderful man, Adam, played with my hair, scratched my back & never left my side.. until he had to go at midnight! Luckily he left when he did, because i barely made it to the toilet before i threw up all my medicine!! Being sick SUCKS!!

How'd i get so lucky to have him in my life? I love him so much! Thanks babe for taking care of me last night & i can't wait to spend the rest of this week with you, i'll try to get better so it'll be "more funner!!" haha (more posts coming soon about this week!!)