Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Bruise....

Finally i am posting "The Bruise" that i got from donating plasma... It is very tender!!! And these pictures dont even do my bruises justice...they look worse in real life...even ask my roomies!!! ****CAUTION****The following pictures should be viewed at your own risk! People have almost passed out after seeing the following pictures (true statement) But enough it is:

Day #1 the bruise began to appear

Day #4 the bruise is finally starting to go away although it really kills in the dark areas of it!!!

Day #6 The bruise is still here...dang it all! but only some dark painful spots left! It needs to go away so i can donate again!!!


Annie Sunshine said...

Hope you feel better soon. But please be careful, donating plasma too often isn't healthy for your body.

Brandi said...

oh man, they for sure look worse in person! But yay for the post!!

Ray and Mickie said...

Repeat after me---
The car is worth it, The car is worth it, The car is worth it. haha LOVE YA!!!