Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So i have wanted to get some sun so i can become tan but i think that i may have gotten way to much yesterday and the day before! I decided that my car really needed a bath on monday and since it was really warm outside i decided that i would wash it in my swimming suit... bad idea!!!! I got fried!!!! Then Tuesday i went to watch baseball. It was one of my friends.. Justin who plays on the DSC baseball team and i promised him i would go to some of his games well i figured since i got off work at 1 that i would go to his second game...what i didnt do was put a little sun screen on so i didnt fry! oops my bad!!! :)
(above:) taken monday night after fhe...this is the back of my legs from washing the car in my swimming suit!)
(below: taken tuesday night after the baseball game...)

All i have to say is OUCH!! but i cant wait for it to tan :)

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Nick * Heidi said...

OUCH is right. It just glows in the first picture. All I can say is Melaleuca After Sun. In my opinion nothing works and feels better, along with not being sticky.