Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Evil Dog

My pretty chill run turned into a run from hell! I was running up this hill about 7 blocks from my house when i looked up & saw this boxer/pit bull-mix (meanest looking dog ever). I am not scared of dogs but when i saw this one break away from his metal chain that was keeping him tied up. I stopped dead in my tracks about 50 meters away from this dog & just stared at him. He just stood there growling & stared straight back at me. I had a feeling that i needed to turn around & get out of there as quick as i could so i begin to walk down the hill & get away from him. Before i knew it this dog began to chase after m. I had no where to go! To my right was a house with a small front lawn nothing else, to my left was a big open field, a few trees & a bob-wire fence surrounding the field. I, being scared to death, walked briskly to the nearest tree & wrapped my arms around it as i whipped out my phone & pressed the speed dial to call my house & then i began to pray that someone would answer & that this dog would not attack me. Within 2 seconds this dog was not even 5 inches away from me growling & barking. He began banging into my leg with his mouth/head over & over again. I felt wet on my leg & thought to myself, i'm gonna get bit! Each time he hit into my leg harder & harder, my heart stopped because i was sure he was gonna bite me. I didn't dare jump over the fence into the field because i knew he would follow right behind me & probably attack me, so i just stood next to this tree trying to fight back the tears. Luckily after a few rings my mom answered, i was only able to spit out, "Come get me, i'm at 180W & 1300S" My mom heard the terror in my voice & then heard the growling. Within 30 seconds my sisters pulled up in their car & the dog took off running. I'm sure if they would have been even 30 seconds longer that dog would have ripped me to shreds. I have never been so scared in my life, i swear my heart was beating over 200 beats per minute & i was shaking like an old lady.
I am just glad to be home safe & away from that dog! Now if only i could stop shaking & my heart could beat normal again!!


Melissa and Michael said...

my grandpa had something similar happen when he was on his bike, he carries pepper spray every time he goes out now.

Heidi said...

Did you go tell the owners of that stupid dog? I would have. They need to know what it did and almost did. Glad nothing serious happened.