Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bachelorette 2011

Yes, I am addicted to the Bachelor/Bachelorette! Yes, there are about 6-7 of us girls who get together every Monday night & watch it religiously! Yes, i made a bracket that i keep updated each week, Yes i'm sad William is gone. (He was a jerk but he did apologize, maybe i was just in love with his looks) & Yes i am nervous for this weeks episode because i HATE bentley with a passion & want him to just get lost & her to just get over him!!!
My two most favorites are... Blake & JP.



(if she doesnt pick Blake then i want him!)
Any thoughts on this season or favorite guys?!


The Stratton Family said...

I LOVE JP! He is my favorite by far! I like Blake, but just because of his name! ;)

Crystal said...

Hey Whitney! :D I found your blog off of Tia's blog, this is Crystal Hinton. Would you like an invite to my blog? It would be nice to stay updated. You can email me at if you want an invite! I hope you are doing great!! I like JP a lot, you can tell that he actually cares about her, I also like Blake, but it should show them together more. I like Ben F., they flirt so much and it's adorable! Also, Ames he is super smart and sweet! :D Don't like Bently and wish he would tell the truth already! Err!

xo:rick.and.kels said...

JP is my favorite :) oh and i kinda like bently... ha ha think he is a jerk but he is cute, ha im horrible.

Kristina Larsen said...

I like J.P. too..!! He's adorable! Blake turned out to be an idiot in the end. . . But the real question is, what are your thoughts on Ashley? I think she's the most whiney & annoying Bachelorette EVER!