Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DSC Life...

I'd like to introduce you to #E2 Family
My Roomie & My Apartment-mates:

We live in a very adorable 3 bed-room 2 bath, living room, kitchen, dining room & storage apartment complex known as the amazing CANYONLANDS. (photos will come later)


Mikyla Gubler
She is super crazy but i love her to death!


Brittany Phillips

Andy Walker (left) & Hillary Searle a.k.a. Hill-Bill!(right)

Shay Harvey

Pullin our sexy faces :) haha

Shay, Hill, Mike-la & Me

(the next post will come later....be patient....i have to get into a blog posting mood before i do this kinda thing again!!)


Meghan said...

hey I'm so glad you posted again. that's how i was for a little while. So that there is a hotty! where is the picture of me?

Kim said...

It is good to see that you are still alive and doing well. I hope you are having fun and enjoying college life.

Ray and Mickie said...

I thought you dropped off the face of the earth, and I was starting to worry that I may have to send out a search party for you. Glad to see you are OK. And just because you are on your own doesnt mean we can't still talk. How are things? Never mind, I am just going to call you in a bit so we can catch up. I Love You!!!

Annie Sunshine said...

glad you are doing well. I loved Dixie. It is a great place to meet good, fun people. Yes, he is a "hottie". I like that he was willing to teach Gospel Doctrine, Now that sounds like a keeper. (But not for a couple more years! Get your discovering who you are time in first.)

Your roomies look like fun...I would love to see pics of your apartment...brings back fun memories.

Tia said...

yeah he is a hottie! It sounds like you guys are having so much fun!!!! I'm glad to see you posted, it's always fun to see what you're up to! luvs!

Rach said...

Man Whit!!! Send him up to Cedar!!! ;)

The Strattons said...

hey i found your blog! hope you dont mind if i add you!