Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday.....KoLoB bAbY!!

And then Saturday...what a long day! Well first off my dad taught me how to drive his motorcycle ....again cuz i really sucked learning the first time. So after a few lessons i took it out a few times for a spin. Now it is my favorite set of wheels. I wish i could take it to college and use it to get around (hopefully my daddy will read this and grant my wish :)

Ok so this picture is kinda an ugly one but this is me and the bike :)

Also on Saturday i went on a date with Justin Clayton, Ramsey Cox & Ashley Hamm, & Beau & Stefanie Stratton. We went up to Ramsey's cabin up on the absolutely BEAUTIFUL Kolob! The date was really fun! On the way up to Kolob it started raining and continued to rain for a while when we got to the cabin, so we sat in the cabin and watchthe football game with the boys, then the boys decided they were hungry so they cooked some really tasty elk steak (i think ramsey's elk) which was really good!! (oh and stef made a killer pasta salad!! yum!) After dinner the boys had a "guy talk" outside (where us girls weren't welcome) so the 3 of us sat inside and got to know each other. It was really fun cuz i knew Ash but i really got to know Stef and that was way fun! She is such a cute girl! Finally the boys came back in and told us that it was time for the fire and we roasted marshmallows and had these really good cookie s'more thingys. After eating those we had a brilliant idea to play Fluffy Bunny with the rest of the marshmallows....(for all who have never played that game, you see who can put the most marshmallows in there mouth while still being about to say fluffy bunny) That was hilarious! Rams won that game with a total of 12 BIG marshmallows in his (rather big) mouth! After that game we sat around the campfire again and Rams and Justin played the guitar and sang.

Everyone there...

Ramsey, Ashley, Me & Justin &....

Beau & Stefanie

Ramsey & Beau enjoying the delicious cookies and s'more thingys!

Ram's stopping to smile at the camera while gathering fire wood

Ashley & Me

Rams, Ash, Me & Justin laughing hysterically while playin Fluffy Bunny

Rams & Me...the last two in the game

Funny Pic....After Rams won with a total of 12, i decided i was done and Rams and Ash wanted to put more in my mouth to see if i could get to 12 also and so i let them thinking...oh they will be nice and do one at a time, well no they came 3 at a time...This is the pic after i began to gag! The marshmallows started to foam out of my mouth and Ash being the nice girl that she is, started to push them nicely back in.... YUCK!! I think i am still tasting marshmallows 3 days later!
It was a super fun date! Thanks guys!


Ray and Mickie said...

Looks like you had lots and lots of fun. Make the most of this time in your life while you can. The real world is not this fun. Or, maybe it's just me. Love ya!!!

Terra said...

Yeah! You are blogging more. And having tons of fun. I was hoping you were going to stop by today. I miss you.

Claire said...

Haha! I love the pictures, Whit! It looks like you had a great time. Call me sometime and we'll have another Girls' Night. Love ya!