Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I found the pics!!!

So i found the picture i wanted to put up with my missing Skyler post last time so here it is....

Me & My Big Brother :)

Oh and then i found this amazing quote to go along with this picture.
"Being a Big Brother is sometimes better than being a Super Hero."
Oh and while i was looking through this file of pictures i came along this next photo and had to add it... cuz i miss Axton a lot too!! :(

Me & Axton (right before he left)
oh dang i miss him!


jerolyn said...

I still think you and Axton should hook up when he gets home!!!!

Em said...

I miss them too!!

Terra said...

I miss them both, too. It is coming so quickly, but still feels so slow at the same time. I love that picture of you both. You look amazing.