Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Time No Post....

Well its been quite some time since i've been on here & posted so i decided that its past time to post! Here are a few of the things that have happened recently:

First off, ignore the ugly close face shot! If you look closely at my lips, you can see they have huge blisters on the inside of my lips. This is a result of hot chocolate. I decided i'd get it after work one day cuz i had froze at work (it was like 60 degrees inside & i was in shorts) Well i got it & decided that i'd drink it with my orange peel straw instead of the little ones you can get at the gas station... well that was THE stupidest decision i've ever made! My lips were swollen for about a week, worst week ever! I look like i got stung by a bee, & i was allergic!

June 12th/13th 2010. Yes this is a picture taken in Hurricane, Utah in the middle of June. Saturday June 12th, we were hit with a HUGE hail storm/ rain storm. House flooded, hail on the ground for 2 days, lots of water everywhere. I never imagined to see this in hurricane during June, looks more like wintertime!

Last but not least (cuz i'm out of time!) This is the lead singer of Imagine Dragons. They are my new favorite band! While in Vegas last weekend w/ Shayli, Shauni & BreAnna for Brinley's baptism we decided to go to see them in concert! They are freaking amazing! I loved the concert minus the HEAT & the opening band called Otherwise! Their lead singer was FREAKY!!
All in all a great weekend in Vegas, went on a fun blind date & attended a great concert!!!


Ray and Mickie said...

whit, your poor lips make me wanna cry. this is why i HATE hot drinks of any kind, plus the fact that it makes you feel like your being cooked from the inside out. anyway, love and miss you and all that ooey, gooey, mooshy lovey stuff i feel about my beautiful niecerooney! :)

Taralee said...

Oh my gosh. I can't believe that happened to your lips. That's crazy!!

Thank you SO so so much for coming to Brinley's baptism. You guys are so sweet!! I just love you all. I'm glad you had such a fun time here and even went on a blind date and all. Sounds like fun!!! It was great seeing you :)

Whitney said...

mickie- i did cry a little after they started to blister, in fact i woke up the next morning & they were swollen so big i couldn't even close my mouth!
i love you & miss you too, lots!!

taralee- it was so much fun coming down to see you guys. Brinley is such an amazing little girl& singer:) I always do love coming down & staying in vegas, especially visiting with all of you guys!
i love your family so much! :)