Saturday, April 23, 2011

22 Things TO DO Before I’m 22:

I didn't accomplish many off my last years list, but this year i decided that the majority of them needed to be more realistic, so i'm hoping for the best!! Keep your fingers crossed i can check off all 22!!

1. Keep a journal—write in it EVERY night!
2. Find & purchase the movie “Just Like Heaven”
3. Run a half marathon
4. Trust a guy… completely
5. Eat at the Cheese Cake Factory
6. Get my New Years Kiss… or just a kiss in the rain (NCMO)
7. Purchase a long board & learn to ride it!
8. Go to the Garment District in Cali/Road trip to Cali
9. Lose 10 lbs. (get in shape)
10. Be able to do the splits
11. Go to the somewhere exotic
12. Do baptisms for the dead at least 12 times! (once a month!)
13. Go on a blind date or two!
14. Move Out!! (into a studio apartment/casita)
15. Attend Temple Prep (& maybe take out my endowments)
16. Get a new pair of Vans
17. Fly in an airplane
18. Purchase legit running shoes
19. When someone hugs me, let them be the first to let go (instead of me as usual)
20. Get extensions
21. Have a “DERMOT MULRONEY” movie marathon (my secret celebrity crush)
22. Read the BOM cover to cover (it’ll be the 3rd time)

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