Friday, April 17, 2009

Adventures of Conference Sunday... a little late :)

So for Conference Sunday me and a couple of my roomies decided that we & a couple of our friends would house hop and get free food all day. So we (Me, Shay, Mikyla, Rigo, Brady, Chantel, & Adaiza) started out with Breakfast at my house.... Homemade pancakes, homemade syrups, and bacon. Then watched the morning session there. After it was over we all climbed in our cars and headed to Shay's house where we played some volleyball while waiting for lunch to be prepared. For lunch we ( Me, Koy, Caleb, Shay, Mikyla, Rigo,Chantel, & Adaiza) had Ham, Cheesie Potatoes, a Veggie & Cheesecake for dessert! It was scrumptious!! After eating there we all climbed back in our cars and headed over to Mikyla's house, to eat and listen to the afternoon session. So we (Me, Casey, Rigo, Shay, Mikyla, Chantel, Adaiza, Ryan, Tyler, & Chantelle W) all ate some delicious dutch oven meat & potatoes, salad, chips and salsa w/ a yummy yummy peach cobbler for desert! All i can say about this day was....Man we are good at planning house hopping! And i cant wait til next conference when i can do it again :)
Here are 2 pictures from what happened at Mikyla's after eating!!!


ABOVE: Is Casey, Mikyla, Shaynae, Mikinlee. haha looks dangerous!
BELOW: Mikinlee, Mikyla & Casey...last three left! Mikyla won it all! (dur she is the dancer!)
But i must say this is quite the picture! Looks like Casey is eating Mikyla's leg! :)

What a fun fun day! :)

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