Monday, April 27, 2009

College Fun :)

Here are so pictures to show what i do besides work and school :) Every college students life includes lots of partyin... trust me! :)

(Above): Hailey, Me, ?, Maddie & Shay having a wonderful "girl talk" at Parkers. All the boys wished we'd let them listen to it :) haha

(Above): Hill, Britt, Me, Shay, Mikyla & (Andy taking the pic) all E2 roomies chillin together in the living room before The Great Race. :) (first time since a long time that we have all been home in the same room at the same time!)

(Above): Girls Party @ Ericka... FUN FUN FUN!!
(L to R & B-Row to F-Row) Kaylee, Adaiza, Shay, Hill, Ericka, Andy, Mckenna, Channy & Anna)

(Above): 1st Annual E2 vs. D2 DARE NIGHT!! :) Winners= E2... (girls in black)

(Above): Shay, Me & Adazia chilling at the Boys basketball game cheering for our buddies.. Kevin, Kimball & Christian :)

College Life has been a blast! I love it so much! :) Especially the not going to bed til long after midnight.... Swimming time with Channy.... "E2 Family" Walks.... Awkward Turtle Moments :) haha....Rapist Inn hot tub trips.... Listening to Koy play and sing the guitar.... Softball Games.... Sports in general.... Parties.... Concerts.... Dances.... Movie Nights.... Laying out on the Institute lawn with the girls.... Campus Runs.... New Friends (guys :) and girls) .... Wrestling matches w/ Casey.... Late Night Denny's runs.... Dare Night Battles.... Cabin Trips w/ the guys.... Random Road Trips.... The list could go on and on but i'll stop there cuz i have to study for my last final :) nothing beats the feeling of almost being done with classes til the fall! Awe!! What i am most happy for the end of the semester is that.... Axton will be home this Friday and then in 23 days Skyler will be home :) My has the time flown by so fast! :) I can't wait for them to be home :)


Terra said...

So, wheres the update on Axton being home? He is here and Skyler has 6 days left!!! Hey!! We are so excited, too. Call me- I need the latest on you know who.

Lolene said...

Whitney--thanks for inviting me to your blog. I LOVE it. You bring back such fun college memories. College life is the best...friends, fun, learning and growing. I'm excited to see Skyler again. Wow. You're on the COUNTDOWN!