Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear All Womanizers Out There....

Today me and one of my roomies (shay) were just chillin at the apartment and we got tlkin about all those guys who we refer to usually as WOMANIZERS... So this letter was mainly written for a couple of people that we tlked about but it can also be for any womanizer out there!
(Please feel free to anonymously deliver it to any womanizer out there :) like secretly place it on there car window or on their beds :) haha thats what we did!!! But here it is....

Dear Womanizer,
It pains me to say this, but you are a womanizer! You know it! Don't pretend like you don't know where we got this idea! You're just making yourself look stupid! Oh and just FYI girls DON'T like womanizers!! Stop being a douche and be a real man! You'll have a lot more luck with the ladies that way.
Sorry to be so blunt but i felt that it needed to be said. I'm just looking out for your better interests.... such as your life :) Just wise up before some girl b*@#% slaps you in the face or you get blind sited with a junk punch!

Sincerely Your Friend,

Conscience :)


Brandi said...

oh Whitney, you make me laugh. real hard! Pretty sure i know who you had in mind when you wrote that.. haha

Meghan said...

haha Whit I like it.. I could send this to one person in particular too