Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 Day Picture Challenge

One of my friends was doing this on her blog, so i decided to take her idea & do one of my own. Its called the 30 Day Picture Challenge! Each day you post a different picture to go with the question/statement for that day. (in reverse.. so starting with 30)

Day #30 A picture of yourself with 15 different facts about you:

1. i would rather break a bone than be touched by feet!
2. i LOVE singing. Especially when i'm alone, in the shower or in the car
3. My favorite Ice Cream flavor: Vanilla
4. i HATE being the decision maker.
5. i LOVE asparagus
6. i like getting dressed up all nice (high heels, dress, etc.)but would rather be in a pair of comfy jeans & a plain tee all day.
7. Good music & Chocolate cheer me up!
8. i LOVE writing in my journal
9. Favorite Movie: Pride & Prejudice (newer version)
10. My original hair color is blonde
11. I am double jointed
12. i LOVE being outdoors
13. i am a firm believer that one shoe can change your life
14. i want a temple marriage (in the washington, dc temple..i wish)
15. my favorite color is blue.

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