Saturday, January 1, 2011

{2011} Happy New Year {2011}

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Yes it is almost 3 a.m. & since i can't sleep i decided i would type up my New Years Resolutions, we'll to be exact i am only typing 9 of them... why 9? just cuz!

Goals: (some may be worldly others may be religious)
*note* they are not in order from most important to least, just random order!
1. Become NOT shy! (this ones is just for dan!)
2. Attend the temple regularly (1-3 times a month)
3. Master a song or 2 on the piano
4. Lose 10 lbs/ Get in shape
5. Run a 1/2 marathon, maybe 2
6. Be better at remembering to say my morning prayers
7. Scripture study.. do it better!
8. Pay off my car
9. Get a new years kiss! New Years 2012

Wish me luck! Cuz i'm gonna need all the luck i can get to complete these all before 2012!!


Josh and Ashli said...

hey girl! i think those are awesome goals! and just for the record, I don't think you are shy, I think you just take a while to open up! (it's not the same thing!) you'll have to play those songs on the piano for me next time I come down!
I sure miss our chats and our fun little notes!
One of my new years goals is to be more grateful and looking back at my high school days, I am SOOOOO grateful to you for being my friend! you made soccer so much more fun! before you came along I was literally alone. No one to talk with or sit by. So THANKS for being my friend when i DESPERATELY needed one!
Luv ya girl! keep smiling!

mj said...

wow..amazing new years resolutions...

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